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"Any idea where a spaceman can go for a good time in this corner of the planet?"


He didn’t mean to be so upfront, and on hindsight, he would realize that he should be more careful with his identity, but he’d had a drink or two back on the ship and it had loosened up his tongue real good. “Been walking down memory lane all day—now I need to forget.”

"Spaceman? All depends on your idea of fun, muchacho."

He rolled one shoulder casually. “What kinda good time you talkin’ about?” With a small grin, he cast a glance off to the side, as if looking for anyone listening in, before returning his attention to the man before him. “All sorts of ways to have a good time. You got people who like themselves some comfort food, others like shootin’ things up, then there’s people who crave something more…physical.”

Factoid 002: language

Ciel first learned English when he was rather young. He managed to get his hands on a number of movies smuggled from Earth and was fortunate enough to still own the antiquated technology necessary to play them. It was through these that he gained the bulk of his knowledge of the language. Gangster films were some of his favourites. He ended up adopting a Brooklyn accent when speaking English, though he is more than capable of speaking with a general American accent.

Reading and writing was more difficult and took several years longer. Along the line, he was able to obtain some Latin textbooks. He found it an easier language to deal with, though not by much.

When his ship landed in France, he made due largely by breaking words into bite-size pieces and cross-referencing them with his knowledge of English and Latin.

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Costume DesignThe Fifth Element (1997)

by Jean Paul Gaultier


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     —- ∰   She understood what he said, reason why she found
                       herself nodding at his words. “I agree with you. People
                       often focus only in the big picture, that forget the small
                       details that actually make it… or something like that.”
                       She forgot how it went. “Not my words, I read that in a
                       magazine or something, I’m not that deep.” A small
                       laugh followed her words.

          “Ellie, nice to meet you.” She introduced
            herself as she offered her hand to him.

«₡»—××× Ellie. That’s a fun name.It could have been short for
"Elizabeth" or "Eleanor" or even "Rochelle". It added a
                       touch of mystery to her. He liked it.
 “Don’t really matter
                       much to me if they’re your words or someone else’s.
                       Important thing’s that they mean something to you.

He reached out and gave her hand a warm shake. 
                 “And I’m Ciel. Pleased to meetcha too.



     —- ∰   Ellie had to laugh at his reaction and his words, it was
                       impossible not to. “Fine then! then go ahead and have
                       this coffee. I don’t want to end up with a caffeine rush.”
                       If that was the right name for it.

          “It seems like you had plenty of coffee
           already, or is that your normal self?.”

«₡»—××× Heh. Sorry about that. It’s just me. I’m easily excitable.
                          He took the coffee from her and winked before
                          taking a sip of it. Ouch. Hot. He winced briefly.
                “I just figure, we got a lot to smile about, but we kinda got
                       a tendency to take the little things for granted. Might as
                       well try being happy, y’know?



     —- ∰   “Yeah!.” She was a bit too excited about it, never did
                       she simply got free stuff (not even with a coupon).
                       ”I got a few more, but I don’t think you can use them
                       all in one day. Want it?.”

«₡»—××× Whoa, kiddo! Even if you could, that’d be a bad idea.
                          He gaped at her with mock incredulity, both
                          excited for a drink and aghast at her situation.
                “Anyone who has that much caffeine is gonna go crazy.
                       Me takin’ that coffee is doing you a favor, believe me.

He could save his coupon for another time.

Alien or Mutant || Ciel and Charles


"Good to hear," Charles said with a wide smile. "So can I ask what your powers are or is that…something you’d rather keep to yourself for now? I can stop asking if you’d prefer." 

He couldn’t help his curiosity though. Ciel certainly didn’t feel like a mutant. His mind was just a little bit different. He didn’t want to tell Ciel that though, because usually people did not appreciate hearing that Charles had been in their heads, even if it wasn’t much more than getting a general feel for them. 

"You’re blunt. Haven’t decided yet if I like that." Ciel hooked his thumb in his pocket and stared at Charles a moment or two before answering. "My power is lookin’ human." It was said with more than a touch of humor. He nodded to himself, trying to pick the right words. If Charles asked awkward questions, he had to be prepared to get awkward answers.

"Might as well call me Jiminy Cricket. Seen through your eyes, I guess I’d look like an overgrown bug. I’m no pansy though." He inclined his head meaningfully, as though Charles had it in his head that insects were small and weak, and insisted, "You’ve seen ants carry crumbs that probably weigh more than they do. Imagine if you took that bug and made it the size of a child. It’d be pretty damn strong, don’cha think?"

His chest puffed up proudly. “That’s me.” Even if it wasn’t the most accurate term.