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        The clock was ticking and he was running out of time. With carefully feigned nonchalance, he slid on over toward the red-haired woman and held up his phone in greeting. Heya, sorry to bother, but some buddies and I are doin’ a sort of scavenger hunt, see, and my team’s in the lead. Paul and Christine are off hunting for a labrador to snap a picture of and one of the last things we need is a selfie with a beautiful lady such as yourself. He winked. Would you mind helpin’ us out?

       It wasn’t the smoothest delivery, but he thought it sounded good enough. At minimum, it was better than no explanation at all. He didn’t think she’d have liked it much if he’d just leaned in and taken the picture.

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"Whit are ye smiling a’?"

       “Nothin’ much. Mostly just that you still haven’t
        noticed you got toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
        Don’t worry about it though. Leave it. It’s cute.

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tbh i 100% forgot about this account and i apologize for everyone i’ve kept waiting

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"No, I’m a princess ———”

there’s a tug to the hem of her dress to smooth out the fabric. she puffs out her cheeks and grumpily regains her composure —- although she can feel her cheeks grow hot and her hair crackle.

            “I’m not baby.”

Can’t a baby be a princess? Can’t a princess be a baby?

     His head tips to the side and he raises his eyebrows meaningfully.
     The wide, toothy grin  decorating his face  is  borderline infuriating.
     He gestures with his thumb and forefinger, the two of them moving
     close to each other without actually touching.

                                                    “I mean, you’re only about this big.

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Extremely. Autumn ith my favourite time of year, if my shirt didn’t give that away.”

[ She holds up the hem of her bright orange oversized t-shirt and looks down at it, smiling. ]

Personally, he could take them or leave them. He wasn’t so big on coffee in general. But she seemed excited, so he didn’t think it right to spoil her fun.

      Uh—no, that was a trick question. I don’t actually care about pumpkin that much…

That went well.

      “Are you as excited for Pumpkin Spice Lattes as I am?

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