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the boy who flew
Once upon a time, a little prince fell from the sky. He said he came from another planet. Who could claim otherwise? Behind him sat a spaceship buried halfway into the ground.
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imagine your otp dancing around the living room at three am to Frank Sinatra (◡‿◡✿)

ciel has no ships,  ):,  but he would dance around the living room at three am to Frank Sinatra by himself,  ...i feel like i've reblogged this before with the same commentary,  .
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Ellanor jammed herself between Ciel
 and the door, wide eyes looking up at him, 

❝Don’t go outside! They just sprayed for bugs.

       “Yeah, okay, so what?

He chuckled thinly and craned to look out
the nearest window for any sign of danger.

      “Is the whole neighborhood
       on lockdown or somethin’?

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For the sake of character development, feel free to ask me anything you would like to know or are unsure of about my muse.

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i need to get active on here again

who wants a starter?

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        The clock was ticking and he was running out of time. With carefully feigned nonchalance, he slid on over toward the red-haired woman and held up his phone in greeting. Heya, sorry to bother, but some buddies and I are doin’ a sort of scavenger hunt, see, and my team’s in the lead. Paul and Christine are off hunting for a labrador to snap a picture of and one of the last things we need is a selfie with a beautiful lady such as yourself. He winked. Would you mind helpin’ us out?

       It wasn’t the smoothest delivery, but he thought it sounded good enough. At minimum, it was better than no explanation at all. He didn’t think she’d have liked it much if he’d just leaned in and taken the picture.

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"Whit are ye smiling a’?"

       “Nothin’ much. Mostly just that you still haven’t
        noticed you got toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
        Don’t worry about it though. Leave it. It’s cute.

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tbh i 100% forgot about this account and i apologize for everyone i’ve kept waiting

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